©2017 by Lu Zhang.

"Due to the continuous flow of optical appearances, it is becoming difficult, if not impossible, to still believe in the stability of the real, in a fixing visuality which is constantly feeling away. The public space of the building suddenly vanishes behind the instability of a public image."    --- Paul Virilio

       The project concerns about how signal inundate and transform the fundamental components of modern urbanism in this information era.

Hackening back to the 17th century when natural ornamentation and orders are the basic elements of public space, to current or near future, when digital pixels run the interfaces.

       I am interposing that the temporality, customization and digital avatars are the alterities of human being's experience that directly into the world of "OTHERS".  



IN THIS NEW GARDEN, the compositional units are digital pixelated, GPS tracked units that can be controlled to create diverse features and landscape.


Starts from one digital ferrofluid unit


Units gather and merge into the surface


Field further polarize the distribution landscape


The field settled and a new feature has been created 

EXFOLIATION --- The process of composing figures is similar to "Rendering", modular gather and densify into visually higher resolution.

laboratory tank is inspired from water bubbles, structurally I use parametric design to create voronoi pattern, the "cells" is reproductive.